Chapter Government


The Gadii’ahi / To’koi (formerly Cudeii) Chapter is comprised of two different communities. Gadii’ahi in Navajo means “a lone juniper tree”, the name derived from one juniper tree growing along the river. To’koi (also known as Rattlesnake) in Navajo means “gas latern”. the name is derived in the 1920’s when Oil and Gas was discovered in the area.

The Chapter is situated 11 miles northwest of Shiprock, south of the San Juan River. The Chapter was orginally part of the Beclabito Chapter, until 1978 when the Chapter separated from Beclabito, and became a separate entity and certified by the Navajo Tribal Council in 1978. 

In the community of Gadii’ahi, a Farming Community, farmers grow an abundance of melon, Indian (Blue, White, Yellow) corn and a variety of vegetables, along with grain and hay. In the community of To’koi, a Grazing Community, livestock owners graze sheep, horses and cattle.

Chapter Officials

Harry Descheene

Gadii'ahi/To'koi Chapter President

Ronney Dee

Gadii'ahi/To'koi Chapter Farm Board

Arnold Nelson

Gadii'ahi/To'koi Chapter Vice-President

Lucinda Lee

Gadii'ahi/To'koi Chapter Grazing

Sylvia Tyler

Gadii'ahi/To'koi Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Amber Crotty

Council Delegete

Chapter Administration

Lynda Hayes

Community Service Coordinator

Janice Biggs


Kaylynn King


Youth Council

The Gadii’ahi/To’koi Youth Council, as established in September 14, 2017 by Chapter Resolution GAD/TOK FY 2017-077, is to be responsible for identifying activities and initiating programs for the betterment of the Chapter community as a whole.

Naomi Harrison

Youth Council President

High School: Career Prep (’17)

College: San Juan College

Founding Member

Evan Allen

Youth Council Vice-President

High School: Shiprock Northwest

Arnold Nelson, Jr.

Youth Council Secretary

High School: Career Prep

Founding Member


“The Gadii’ahi/To’koi Chapter Community Land Use Planning Committee, as established, is to be responsible for identifying activities and initiating necessary analysis assessments of the Chapter’s proposed infrastructure, commercial and other community developments with appropriate technical advices.”

Now Accepting Applications

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Must be a Registered Chapter Voter.